2 Timothy 2 

This week I preached a sermon on 2 Timothy 2:1-13. These verse are a reminder of why we go through the persecution that comes as Christians. Just a few points to take from these verses: 

1. We are strengthened by the Grace of Christ! 

– When we came to faith in Christ we were given the Holy Spirit and he will strengthen us! 

2. We are not alone others are being persecuted along with us! 

– All around the world people are enduring persecution in different ways! 

3. Some will be saved through your work for the kingdom! 

– Remember that you are not going to save all but what you do for Christ wil save some! 

4. If we deny Christ he will deny us! 

– Paul is basically quoting Jesus in these verses! 

5. God is faithful to his promises, to both those who don’t believe and to those who do! Not because of us but he is faithful to himself! 


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